About Us

What is StriveMax and why does it exist you might ask. We, a close-knit team of cycling enthusiasts, noticed that there is an ever-growing abundance of data-collecting devices that record a flood of information. Among the many different metrics you can record, one has become very important to performance-oriented cyclists and triathletes: POWER. It has become widely known that using power enables you to put your training on a different level. Power-based training allows you to gauge your training intensity much more accurately than the heart-rate-based approach. You can also quantify your training load and optimize it in regard to your athletic objectives. You can even improve your pedaling technique and use it to optimize nutritional intake. Furthermore, you can analyze and optimize your race tactics. Over the past few years knowledge of the benefits of power-based training has trickled through from professional sports to the masses. Sounds pretty awesome, doesn't it.

Another reason for the power meter’s increasing popularity is the heated-up competition between the increasing number of manufacturers. This "battle" has lead to decreasing prices, making it much more affordable to acquire a power meter nowadays. So what’s keeping athletes from using power meters like they use heart rate monitors? Well, the possibilities of power-based training come with a fairly high level of complexity. After buying a power meter, it quickly became apparent to us that just having the device and collecting data with it didn't make us any faster. In short, we noticed a gap between the many new ways of collecting data and actually improving our fitness and reaching our goals. We asked ourselves what was needed to fill this gap? We concluded that we needed to filter the useful information from the data stream and translate them into real-life actions, directed at efficiently and effectively working toward our goals. We needed an analysis tool. 

Certainly, there are already quite a few analysis tools out there. But either they cost quite a bit of money, lack functionality, or, on the contrary, are overloaded with functionality. Many of the desktop software, web-based tools, and mobile apps are simply confusing. We just couldn't find a tool that made it easy for us to log, analyze, and plan our cycling activities. So we set out to build a powerful, yet simple-to-use web application that also looks good - looks are important after all :-) Our goal is to create an online application that is intuitive to use, and never loses track of what it’s all about: your athletic objective. We sincerely hope that you enjoy StriveMax as much as we do. We are constantly improving StriveMax, based on the feedback we receive. Oh, and by the way: StriveMax is FREE!

Have fun and keep striving!