Welcome to StriveMax. We are super excited about your interest! To start our blog, we figured it would make sense to explain how to get started. Luckily that’s pretty easy.

This steps are also explained in this video: How To Get Started

Sign up for free.

All you need is an email address and a password. The guided signup process consists of the following four simple steps:

  1. Use your Google or Facebook account or an email address and chosen password to sign up.

  2. Provide some information such as weight, age, etc. so we can tailor your account.

  3. Provide your current functional threshold power and corresponding heart rate. No clue? No problem! We’ll estimate it for you.

  4. Link your Garmin Connect™ Account. This is optional and can be done later or skipped entirely.

You now have a StriveMax account. Congrats! But signing up is only the first step. You will find that your account is still empty and that there isn’t much to look at. To get started, you need to upload some data. So go out ride and record with device that saves your activity in the FIT, CSV, PWX, TCX, or SRM format. Then upload the files into your StriveMax account.

Uploading Files

Connect your device, such as a cycling computer to your computer and use it as a flash drive, transferring the files to your desktop (or any other file you wish

  1. Sign into your StriveMax account, locate and click on +add activity in the top right corner of your screen

  2. Drag and drop files directly into the grey box or click “Browse Files” and locate the files you wish to upload on your computer.

  3. Wait. Upload progress will be shown for each file. If you are uploading many files, give it some time without any visible upload progress. We recommend to upload files in batches no more more than 50 files.

  4. Hit “Save and go to Dashboard”.

In addition to the manual upload, you can link your StriveMax Account with your Garmin Connect™ Account - if you have one. If not, skip the next part.

Link to Garmin Connect™

  1. Go to “Account Settings” after clicking on the little down arrow next to “Account”, which is located all the way on the right of the main navigation bar.

  2. On top of the page, locate “Auto-Import from Garmin Connect™”. To the right of it, hit “Click to Connect”

  3. Put in your email or username and password for your Garmin Connect™ account and confirm.

  4. Go to your Garmin Connect™ account and upload one new file. This is a crucial step, necessary to initiate the sync.

Once you have initiated the sync, all activities from the last 30 days and all new activities, going forward from the time of the sync activation, will be automatically copied into your StriveMax account. Please note that it might take a little bit for the sync to activate. Please also note that the sync only works in one direction: from Garmin to StriveMax.

This will get you started. We recommend that you begin using StriveMax by checking out the dashboard. Each widget has a little blue question mark in the top right corner to explain the functionality. You can also use the little chat box in the bottom right of your screen if you have any questions.

Have fun and keep striving – with Strivemax
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